Oct 17, 2014

hand me another world

The first time it crossed my path, I was walking down the street of Madison in Georgia with my skinny jaw and my brown leather jacket on. It was an abnormal cold summer night and I just started to head home after dinner at my ex parents-in-law. Normally I felt good after meeting the girlfriend and her ‘moms’ and ‘pops’, but this time it was awkwardly silent at the table, as if they were waiting for a storm to shoot the house up in the air and fall down in a bazillion pieces. Anyway, it did made me feel good that I was wearing slick apparel that were of high stakes and well beloved by the none-thinkers, I had bought it the other week. I startled daydreaming and chasing the lines in the pavement as I walked along a ‘busy’ road. The feeling of loneliness began to urge on me. The shade that faded along past me back then, looked slightly reluctant, which wondered me the most. I was told by some Japanese movie that it should be me who would be scared. But then again, who believes the Japanese anyway.

Kristina looked up, past the dark grey clouds she saw a glimpse of the old factory. ‘We are almost here’ she said. I nod as we walk along a not yet abandoned dirt road with a poorly maintained fence which probably would break down at the smallest blow of wind. I can’t stop thinking about blue skies, warm water along white beaches, but most of all - freedom. Like that one time on the Bermuda Islands, back then I had a different girlfriend, Laura. She was the most beautiful creature in the world, she had the all-in package. Of course, this didn’t last long, as well as the freedom. It was only three and a half years ago.

I take a deep breath. Now or never, I think. ‘Where yall folks heading?’ asked a small lady which probably had no more than 2 years left in a care providing society. She was limbing and leaning on an old wooden stick while se did, and because of her crooked back I couldn’t see her face and she didn’t bother to look up. ‘We are going into the factory to see.. You know - it!’ I replied. At first the sighed, but then she laughed viciously and silently moved on.

Once arrived at the factory we slide over to the waiting line. After waiting for a while we are now looking at the guard. Extremely big, bigger than Arnold and Sylvester combined. With a little extra of that green guy. Except this one was not green. He was black, as black as the shade I’ve seen earlier on the street. He grunted a little, pointing at my shoes. He wants me to take of my shoes I guess. Once I took them off, one by one, I place them on the small table next to his chair. ‘Hey! Take your cheap boots of my table, boy!’. Ah, so he do is able to verbally express himself. Kristina turns her head as she tries to hide her laugh with her hand.

We nervously enter.

The room was dark, with small windows up high on the walls, providing the enormous room with just enough light to see where your footsteps take place.

It looked just as in my day and night dreams. Only bright white sheep with fuzzy coats were looking at us, whilst we slowly make our way through the imposing herd.

I heard people discuss it before in a smoky speakeasy in Downtown, the gap between here and there is frightening, at the least. They say that people are not people over there, they don’t consist of a vast form, they continuously transform. They say that you can already smell them from anywhere inside the factory, and when you come closer the smell will affect your skin. Why people use the black hole? Call it curiosity, or a death wish.

'Where are you going?' Kristina cracked her knuckles while she looked at the floor. 'To the hole Kristina, you know that..' I said, trying to figure out whether this really is the best way to end our scarcely appreciated lives. She is still looking at her feet, and they look back. 'You sure Layi?' Kristina answered, doubting as much as me and trying to make up a good last minute excuse to avoid this way out and find a solution to solve everything outside the factory. Darn.

"Someone don’t just stumble upon a void".

'Yes, we were sure about this.. right?' I replied unsure.

We had never discussed this from the start. When we at first saw it on the news, we ignored it. We always ignored it. But the people started to change, they all decided to go. Something changed, there was something in the air that made all the people go for the vortex, to go for the end, where  you get to decide how and when.

Outside the factory, the birds were gone, there was no green tree at the most far horizon. Not anymore. Only grunting people waiting in line for the factory.

'The vortex is provided by the gravity which eventually prevents everything, even the light to escape'. Said the old man, standing along side the door.

There were two young girls waiting in front of the door, but weren’t listening or paying attention to the old man at all. Doubtless, thoughtless. Their eyes. As if they were looking down a railroad, wandering through a desert, without end.